Shark tank and the killing of business ideas

If you haven’t no idea about the Dragons Den or Shark Tank you might need to have a quick look at youtube videos of both programs.

Dragons Den was the UK version of the shark tank and it is the first one belongs to this category.

Anyway. If your familier with the program, you might agree with what I’m going to say.

Shark Tank naver allow good ideas to get investments from Sharks. It’s almost impossible for some one with a good business idea and asked for money, if that business not running and making huge profits. However, my point is why someone come and asked for a investment, if they already making money?

In Dragons Den we saw few entrepreneurs get investments from Dragons even they don’t make any money, however in Shark Tank that almost never happen. Actually Shark tank is for businesses, not for enterprunners.

As always, this is my view and always appreciate u our thoughts.