How to find good movies to download

I know, how it feels after you watch every good movie that you know and their is nothing to watch.


I think, I know a solution for that.its simple and it’s recommended by experts.

1. Go to Google
2. Search for Oscar nominations for best motion pictures

Then start downloading, I’m sure their will be many movies that you already watched. But you’ll be surprised when you discover amazing movies.



How to set up a life goal.

Yes, we all need to be rich. That’s why we always work hard to achieve our goals.  Because almost every goal can be achieved by making enough money.

Some people might argue with me. Saying, money is not the life. Life is about love, laugh and happiness.  Guess what, all these can be get by having enough money. Belive or not poor guy always worried inside.

I read a quote other day. Saying “the greatest revenge is success.” I’m exactly in that part when it’s come to success. There are few people didn’t belive me when I’m a teen, that I’m going to be a very successful person. They though, I’m mad to talk about it and I’m a dreamer.  However I got everything, which I said that I’m gonna get.

So, How to set up a life goal.

I always make my goal a object.  A car or house or something that you see and something that you can feel and touch. For a instance, if you set up a Goal like make $1million it’s not a Goal that you see everyday, you can’t see it to your eyes. But if you set up a goal to buy a Lamboghini car or house with a swimming pool near beach,  that can makes a huge different in the way you think and in the way you achieve your goals and targets.

Anyway, not everyone think in a same way and not anyone like my Blog.


My First post and wolf of wall street

Ok. Here I am blogging, after almost 15 years using the god given Internet and just start my own blog.


This is one thing I do on the web, that wasn’t for money.  So what the duck. Nothing to loose.

So why do I have a Image of wolf of wall street?

1. Any movie related to money become my favorite move.
2. Any movie with Leonardo become my favorite movie.

There for these days. This is
what I’m obsessed with. Still 5 days to go till release date of this amazing movie.

I think this is a good start for my blogging life. At lease one say my grandchildren Will read this shit and say. What a looser is our grandpa. 🙂